Plant Products

Delivering focused technical support and consumable goods to the specialty horticulture industries

Plant Products caters to the horticulture sector across North America and central Europe, providing a comprehensive array of inputs tailored to core crops like greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse fruits (including berries), ornamental plants and turf.

The division's strength lies in its integrated pest management (IPM) solutions and dedicated technical representatives, who offer expert guidance and support to growers. Offering an extensive range of products, from biopesticides to nutrients and growing media, while being committed to advancing sustainable agriculture practices and empowering growers with the tools needed to optimize plant health and productivity.

Key product categories

Crop protection

A comprehensive portfolio comprising biopesticides, fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides, bolstered by expert technical guidance to optimize integrated pest management strategies.

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Crop nutrition

A diverse portfolio encompassing a wide range of high-quality fertilizers, micronutrients, and specialty blends, crafted to meet the unique nutritional requirements of diverse crops and turf, thereby maximizing crop health and productivity.

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High-tech management tools

Cutting-edge high-tech crop management tools, designed to enhance productivity and efficiency for greenhouse growers, and to optimize resource utilization, minimize waste, and maximize crop yields, enabling growers to stay ahead in today's competitive agricultural landscape.

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A wide selection of high-performing seed varieties, emphasizing genetic diversity, reliable germination, disease resistance, and superior yield potential meeting the demands of modern greenhouse and turf production.

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Innovative consumables

A range of high-quality consumables caters to diverse operational needs, offering a variety of advanced products meticulously selected to enhance crop performance and resource efficiency, ultimately driving success and delivering optimal results.

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Main crops

Lawn care

Contact Plant Products - details per region

Plant Products Canada

Head Office
50 Hazelton Street
Leamington, ON, N8H 3W1
Phone: 519 326-9037

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Plant Products USA

8468 Ronda Drive
Canton, MI, 48187
Phone : 248 661-4378

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Distribuciones IMEX (Mexico)

Josefa Ortíz de Domínguez #24
Agua Blanca Industrial
45235 Zapopan, Jalisco
phone: +52 33 3283 4639

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Agrotech Gartenbautechnik GmbH (Austria & DACH)

Wildpretstraße 8/c
1110 Wien
+43 1 7675870

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