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Biobest leads with pioneering solutions in biological control and natural pollination for the horticulture market, focusing on greenhouse vegetables, berries, soft fruits, ornamental plants and flowers. With its strong heritage of innovation and sustainability, Biobest empowers growers to produce more with less, supported by its dedicated team of expert advisors.

Key product categories

Beneficial insects, mites & nematodes

Beneficial insects, mites and nematodes are naturally occurring macro-organisms harnessed to control specific plant pests.

They are commonly called ‘natural enemies’, biocontrol agents or macrobials.

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Natural pollinators, like bumblebees, are widely employed by growers to ensure efficient cross-pollination of crops such as protected tomatoes, strawberries, eggplants and blueberries, as well as a range of field-grown crops and seed crops. Optimising pollination rates, pollinators are used to maximise crop yields and can also help improve fruit quality.

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Biorationals or biopesticides are used to describe three types of bioprotectant - semiochemicals, microbials and natural substances.
Emitted by plants, animals and other organisms, semiochemicals are used to communicate within, or between, species. Target-specific, they have a non-toxic mode of action.

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High-tech IPM solutions

Revolutionising pest management through data-driven approaches, our innovative high-tech solutions aid growers in producing high quality, pest-free crops - while improving the efficiency and sustainability of horticultural and agricultural businesses.

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Application technologies

Biology dispensers are mechanical solutions designed to improve the efficient automatic and even distribution of beneficial mites, and certain insects, into a crop - optimising biocontrol while reducing labour.

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Scouting & Monitoring

Effective IPM starts with regular scouting, a fundamental first step. Timely identification of a pest's initial presence in a crop is crucial. Additionally, a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics between pest and beneficial populations is indispensable for the success of a crop program.

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