biofirst sustainability

Our commitments for further improvement

Sustainability is our business. Our strategy for being the most reliable partner in sustainable crop protection. But sustainability is also part of our DNA: having a varied team of passionate people, has led BioFirst Group to be active on a very wide variety of sustainability projects.

Our link to nature and biodiversity is evident. Since we came from and work for many family-owned businesses, we also have strong links to the communities we operate in.

We are pleased to say that the topics on which we are most active worldwide, are also those that were mentioned as most relevant to our external stakeholders. So our sustainability strategy is a great fit to our customer oriented way of working. Over the last few years we have set up a robust ESG reporting system to drive continuous improvement.

These are the main goals we aim to reach by 2026:

  • Achieve carbon neutrality for our own activities;
  • Exceed 75% waste separation;
  • Increase our use of reused, recycled & biobased materials;
  • Increase safety awareness & communication;
  • Implement significant initiatives on natural capital locally, for each subsidiary;
  • Implement a range of initiatives with and for the (local) community.
Our mission & 2026 targets

Sustainability goals

Environmental and social sustainability are important to everyone at BioFirst Group: they are part of our DNA.

BioFirst Group is in a sustainable business, but what value do we add as a business?