Pure player in biological crop protection and nutrition

As the leading global pure player in biological crop protection and nutrition, the BioFirst Group is driving the future of sustainable agriculture.

Across its 4 core brands, our company has a shared commitment to sustainable innovation, making effective and affordable biological crop solutions available to greenhouse growers and open-field crop farmers around the world. The passion of our people helps pave the way for a future where agriculture and nature exist in balance for a better and healthier planet.


Pioneer in pollination, biological crop protection and technical advice in horticulture

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Horticultural expert in biostimulants, and biopesticides for disease and insect control

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Plant Products

Supporting specialty horticulture growers with crop-input solutions and industry-leading advice

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Leader in biopesticides, biostimulants, biofertilisers and inoculants in open-field farming

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Sustainability goals

Environmental and social sustainability are important to everyone at BioFirst Group: they are part of our DNA.

BioFirst Group is in a sustainable business, but what value do we add as a business?

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We embrace what we do, and how we do it.

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Since 1987, BioFirst has been supporting greenhouse growers through advanced natural pollination and biocontrol solutions, and the strong expertise of its customer advisors. This long-standing commitment has positioned BioFirst and its core horticulture brands Biobest, BioWorks and Plant Products, as a trusted partner in the horticultural industry, helping growers to optimize crop health and productivity in a sustainable way. 



Thanks to the acquisition of Biotrop, BioFirst Group now also significantly supports open-field agriculture with a bio-solutions portfolio designed for plant health and crop productivity. Our biopesticides, biofertilizers, and inoculants are crafted for ease of application, enhancing plant growth, nutrient uptake, root development and pest control. Biotrop's expert advisors ensure farmers can maximize both yield and sustainability. 

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Our investors

We are honored to collaborate with an esteemed network of investors and corporate partners who share our vision of revolutionizing agricultural productivity through sustainable and innovative solutions.

Our alliance comprises forward-thinking stakeholders and pioneering investment firms, all committed to advancing the global agenda for ecological integrity.

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