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Our core brands

BioFirst Group stands as the largest pure player in the world of sustainable agriculture, offering a comprehensive range of biological protection and plant health solutions for both the horticulture and open-field markets.

The core horticulture brands BioBest, BioWorks and Plant Products continue to provide innovative and effective biological crop management solutions to greenhouse growers worldwide.

The Biotrop brand globally supports open-field crop farmers with sustainable products that enhance crop productivity while promoting environmental stewardship.


Biobest leads the horticulture market with pioneering solutions in biocontrol and natural pollination, focusing on greenhouse vegetables, berries, soft fruits, ornamental plants and flowers. With its strong heritage of innovation and sustainability, Biobest empowers growers to produce more with less, supported by its dedicated team of expert advisors.


BioWorks’ expertise in biopesticides and biostimulantsfor the horticulture market marks its commitment to safe, sustainable cropmanagement practices. Their dedication to providing growers with targeted,environmentally friendly plant health and nutrition solutions bolsters cropproductivity and benefits both people and planet.


Biotrop focuses on open-field agriculture, addressing farmers’ challenges for protecting and nurturing large area row crops like soybeans, corn, sugar cane, and wheat through advanced biological methods. Their approach supports the global demand for these staple crops while ensures farming's ecological footprint is reduced by taking out huge quantities of chemicals.

Plant Products

Plant Products, the one-stop-shop distribution division, offers an array of high-quality inputs for the horticulture sector in North America and central Europe. Their comprehensive product portfolio supports sustainable growth and optimal plant health, ensuring that growers have access to the very best in crop nutrition and protection.