biofirst good health and wellbeing

Good health & wellbeing

Our tailored advice and biological products offer growers an array of safe and sustainable solutions to combat pests and diseases in their crops. By offering biological solutions, as alternatives to pesticides and traditional fertilizers, our customers can deliver fruit, vegetables, ornamental plants, flowers and other products to the world with little to no chemical residues.

In doing so, we are playing our part in helping provide high quality healthy food to the world.

Health and safety strategy in our production facilities

At Biofirst we believe happy employees, in good health, are the most valuable asset of the group. We aim to spread our drive, motivation, good health and wellbeing to the world.

We have a proactive strategy towards health and safety, working on our safety culture through bottom-up improvements, rather than only reacting to specific incidents or trends. Openly discussing incidents and near misses to learn from them is key and we actively promote being respectful in speaking and listening to others. “Speak in such a way that others love to listen. Listen in such a way, that others love to speak to you.”

We believe a safe and healthy working environment is something you grow and maintain together.

Our safety figures on incidents, incident severity and absenteeism have shown a steady decrease since 2019, while we are increasing our efforts to actively drive safety awareness on all our large operational sites as our top priority.

Find out more about our efforts to improve safety and wellbeing for our employees in our most recent Sustainability Report.

Our mission & 2026 targets

Sustainability goals

Environmental and social sustainability are important to everyone at BioFirst Group: they are part of our DNA.

BioFirst Group is in a sustainable business, but what value do we add as a business?