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Biotrop focuses on the open-field agricultural sector, specializing in row crops such as soybeans, corn, sugar cane, and wheat with the commitment to providing farmers with the most advanced biological and natural solutions. Through the latest biological control methods and integrated pest management solutions, Biotrop is setting new standards in sustainable agriculture for row crops.

Their expertise in the industrial multiplication of beneficial bacteria and strong innovative approach make them a key player in transforming the agricultural practices of these essential global commodities, promoting healthier crops and more sustainable farming practices across vast agricultural landscapes around the world.

Key product categories


Biotrop's easy to apply biopesticides significantly enhance farmer productivity and profitability. The biofungicides target key soil and foliar pathogens, stimulating healthier crop development. For integrated pest management, bioinsecticides efficiently fight pest resistance, safeguarding crops while bionematicides combat nematodes by rapidly fortifying the root system and ensuring long lasting soil health. Collectively, these sustainable farming solutions ensure crop health, improve yield, and support greater returns.

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Biostimulants play a crucial role in sustainable agriculture by enhancing plant growth and soil health synergistically, improving crop yield and longevity. They boost beneficial microorganisms, increasing fertilization efficiency and deepening of the root systems.

Easy to use and quickly absorbed, Biotrop’s biostimulants offer a practical solution for healthier plants and sustainable farming practices.

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(Premium) Biofertilizers

Biotrop's range of biofertilizers are specially designed to boost the vitality and productivity of various row crops. Their unique formulations promote microbial soil health and biological nitrogen fixation, laying the foundation for vibrant plant growth. By enhancing water and nutrient absorption, they ensure that crops have the resources needed for optimal development into healthier crops through more efficient means.
Biotrop's biofertilizers represent a sustainable agricultural solution that also supports the economic goals of the farming community.

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Inoculants are pivotal in enhancing soil biological balance and crop productivity. They accelerate early crop development through the promotion of a healthier root system, enabling more efficient nutrient and water uptake. The convenience and ease of application of the Biotrop inoculants make them an accessible tool for farmers aiming to increase the resilience and yield of their crops.
By fostering a robust root system, these inoculants not only support plant growth but also contribute to the overall sustainability of farming practices, ensuring that crops thrive and produce maximally.

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