Leadership & Governance

The BioFirst Group, recognized for its thought leadership in the global sustainable agriculture sector, operates under a framework of visionary leaders backed by a strong governance model.

A team of long-standing industry experts and innovators, BioFirst's leadership is dedicated to steering the company towards new heights of success, emphasizing a customer-first attitude, strong innovation and collaboration, ethical practices, and a passion for sustainability in line with its core values.

The governance structure is designed to ensure accountability, transparency, and strategic agility, enabling BioFirst to adapt and thrive in the rapidly evolving agricultural landscape.

This commitment to customer excellence and sustainable innovation underpins every decision, ensuring that BioFirst remains at the forefront of biological crop protection and plant health, delivering value not only to its clients and partners but also to the broader community and environment.

Jean-Marc Vandoorne Biofirst Group CEO

Jean-Marc Vandoorne

BioFirst Group


Karel Bolckmans BioFirst Group CSTO

Karel Bolckmans

BioFirst Group


Marc Mertens Biobest Senior Vice-President

Marc Mertens


Senior Vice-President

Erik Vanderhaegen BioFirst Group CFO

Erik Vanderhaegen

BioFirst Group


Kristof Truyens BioFirst Group CHRO

Kristof Truyens

BioFirst Group


Gerry Huygens Biobest President

Gerry Huygens



Lara Ramaekers BioWorks

Lara Ramaekers



Antonio Zem



Corporate Governance

By nurturing close contacts with shareholders, customers and suppliers, BioFirst Group has a clear understanding of stakeholder expectations. The Group operates a matrix structure, with different central group functions and departments maintaining contact with local counterparts. Information is shared centrally through different cross-departmental meetings - at C-board, executive committee and departmental meetings, as well as steering committee and specific project and stage gate meetings etc. This leads to in-depth understanding of the general situation at our different subsidiaries.

Our governance structure facilitates quickly learning and sharing of ideas. And, with limited formal procedures, we stay in control of site-specific sustainability requirements - ensuring local objectives are aligned with the Group objectives. This framework enables us to share information regarding our goals and aspirations, while staying on top of site-specific risks and opportunities.