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BioWorks aims to make disease and insect control in horticulture 100% sustainable. The brand therefore specializes in developing environmentally friendly biopesticides and makes sure they are available to growers while accompanied by the right tailored advice on how to make the best use of them. Also, BioWorks looks into the use of biostimulants in horticulture, especially in conjunction with its biopesticides, in order to improve crop health and productivity as much as possible.

These offerings underscore the brand's commitment to sustainable horticulture with greenhouse vegetables, soft fruits and ornamentals at our core. All products are designed to work in harmony with nature, offering growers effective and sustainable alternatives to traditional chemical inputs. In this way, BioWorks aligns with BioFirst Group's mission to lead agriculture into a sustainable future.

Key product categories


Biopesticides for disease control

We offer various biopesticides to tackle key diseases in horticulture such as root diseases, powdery mildew and Botrytis. We are continuously working on globalizing our offering and finding more and better solutions to disease control. Most of our biocontrol solutions are compatible with beneficial organisms, promoting a balanced horticultural ecosystem. This sustainable approach ensures crops stay healthy while maintaining environmental integrity.


Biopesticides for insect control

Our insect control solutions target effectively the most common horticultural pests such as white fly, aphids and thrips. They help manage pest populations effectively, reducing and ultimately eliminating the need for synthetic pesticides.

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BioWorks' biostimulants are designed to maximize the plant’s genetic productivity potential. They ensure for example robust root growth, stimulate plant defenses or help to increase effectiveness of our biopesticides. As such, they create the most healty and stressless environment for crops to thrive and reach their maximum productivity and product quality.

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