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Sustainability is in our DNA

Sustainability mission

Sustainability, ESG (Environmental, Social and Corporate Governance), CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) are broad and popular terms. But what does sustainability mean to BioFirst Group?

Passion for sustainability is one of our five core values. It is part of our mission to contribute to sustainable production of high value crops. Sustainability is part of our DNA and company culture, ever since we were founded over 35 years ago.

Starting out as a producer of bumblebees for natural pollination, our portfolio of natural crop protection solutions has grown tremendously. In the process we have become one of the largest businesses in biological crop protection worldwide. We achieved this by offering the best possible advice and continuous development of novel crop protection solutions, to help our customers grow in a sustainable way. Today we can proudly say that our products have a positive impact on global food production and are used to improve people’s lives.

Corporate Governance

By nurturing close contacts with shareholders, customers and suppliers, BioFirst has a clear understanding of stakeholder expectations.

The Group operates a matrix structure, with different central group functions and departments maintaining contact with local counterparts. Information is shared centrally through different cross-departmental meetings - at C-board, executive committee and departmental meetings, as well as steering committee and specific project and stage gate meetings etc. This leads to in-depth understanding of the general situation at our different subsidiaries.

Our governance structure facilitates quickly learning and sharing of ideas. And, with limited formal procedures, we stay in control of site-specific sustainability requirements - ensuring local objectives are aligned with the Group objectives. This framework enables us to share information regarding our goals and aspirations, while staying on top of site-specific risks and opportunities.


BioFirst Group is in a sustainable business, but what value do we add as a business?

We aim to push the limits of our production processes to produce our products as sustainably as possible. To produce high quality products with a high social impact and the lowest, or best possible, impact on our climate and natural environment.

Trust is earned where actions meet words. These are our targets for 2026:

  • Become carbon neutral for our own activities;
  • Exceed 75% waste separation;
  • Increase our use of reused, recycled & biobased materials;
  • Increase safety awareness & communication;
  • Implement significant initiatives on natural capital locally;
  • Implement a range of initiatives with and for the (local) community.


Our strategy, coupled with our diverse teams’ passions, has led Biofirst Group to be active in a wide range of sustainability projects worldwide. Our link to nature and biodiversity is evident.

Since we originate from and work for many family-owned businesses, we have strong links to the local communities in which we operate.

We greatly value the resourcefulness and passion of our staff and aim to nourish this. Our CRS projects range from supporting local sports events, to forestation projects and schooling initiatives.

A selection of our most recent projects are highlighted in our most recent Sustainability Report (2023). Looking for the 2022 report? Download it here.

Our mission & 2026 targets

Sustainability goals

Environmental and social sustainability are important to everyone at BioFirst Group: they are part of our DNA.

BioFirst Group is in a sustainable business, but what value do we add as a business?