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Impacting the environment: the right way

We are in business to find the best optimal solutions for growers, to battle pests and optimize their yields of fresh and healthy crops. Our specialist work around the clock to find the best possible solutions for any customers situation and we innovate continuously to find novel biological solutions.

This means that our very diverse global team, also has one thing in common: a passion for the sustainability. Our work does not stop at being in a sustainable business, we aim to deliver products that improve our planets health in the most sustainable way.

This means we have set targets to:

  • Reduce our own emissions;
  • Increase our share in renewable energy;
  • Improve local biodiversity at our sites and with local projects;
  • Improve soil health and reduce the amount of chemicals used;
  • Separating our waste to facilitate recycling and reuse;
  • Reuse waste flows in our own production where possible;
  • And reduce the impact of waste for our customers.


If you want to know more about our local forestation and biodiversity projects, scientific research into biodiversity, or our waste and packaging project? Find out more about our most recent projects in our most recent Sustainability Report.

Our mission & 2026 targets

Sustainability goals

Environmental and social sustainability are important to everyone at BioFirst Group: they are part of our DNA.

BioFirst Group is in a sustainable business, but what value do we add as a business?