BioFirst appoints Bart Sosef as President of its Plant Products Division

BioFirst appoints Bart Sosef as President of its Plant Products Division

BioFirst Group, leader in sustainable horticulture and agriculture crop management solutions, is excited to announce the appointment of Bart Sosef as President of its Plant Products division. Bart, currently General Manager for Biobest Netherlands and Sales Director for Benelux, brings a wealth of experience and will join the Executive Committee, reporting directly to CEO Jean-Marc Vandoorne.

Bart Sosef, a native of Westland—the heart of horticulture in the Netherlands—has been embedded in the industry from a young age. With an entrepreneurial background rooted in a family-owned retail company and an MBA in Food & Finance, Bart has accumulated 30 years of industry experience. Over the last decade with Biobest, he has focused on enhancing customer experience through e-commerce and IT projects such as the webshop and CRM. His dedication, loyalty, and customer-first approach, combined with his informal style and focus on action, make him an ideal fit for this new role.

Plant Products caters to the horticulture sector across North America and central Europe, providing a comprehensive array of inputs tailored to core crops like greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse fruits (including berries), ornamental plants and turf. In his capacity as President of the division, Bart will focus on strategic growth, expanding the sales force across Canada and the USA, and leading the market's gradual transition from synthetic pesticides and fertilizers to sustainable alternatives. His strategic objectives include driving financial health by improving EBITDA, managing working capital, and optimizing cash flow. Bart will also oversee the seamless integration of divisional entities in Mexico, Poland, and Austria, ensuring these integrations align with both divisional and company-wide goals.

Furthermore, Bart will aim to create synergies within the division by identifying cross-selling opportunities for products such as pesticides, fertilizers, and seeds. He will work closely with the leadership teams of the Plant Products entities in Canada and the US to ensure aligned strategies and collaborative efforts.

Over the coming weeks, BioFirst will implement a clear and structured transition process. Bart will engage with all relevant stakeholders to facilitate an optimal handover, ensuring a seamless transition for everyone involved.

BioFirst is confident that Bart Sosef's extensive experience and innovative vision will drive the Plant Products division to new heights. Please join us in congratulating Bart on his new role and supporting him as he undertakes these important responsibilities.